Prior to enrollment opening up for fall session, families are encouraged to fill out a pre-enrollment form.  Families with these forms submitted will be invited to an open house in January which signifies the start of fall enrollment.  These families will also be given priority as we do enrollment on a first come first serve basis (as well as taking into consideration desired schedule).  If you have a pre-enrollment form submitted, then you attend a open house or tour, you are welcome to enroll.  If there are no current openings, your child/ren will be place on our waitlist until a spot opens or the end date listed on the form has passed.  

Enrollment Process

To enroll your child in Wildflowers Preschool, you will need to fill out the contract and application. 
Official enrollment opens up in January for the following fall session. In addition to the paperwork, you will also need to submit a non-refundable enrollment fee.  The initial enrollment fee is $200.  For subsequent years, the enrollment fee will be $150 and is due with renewal contracts.

Monthly Preschool Rates (children 3-5 years old)
*We require a minimum of 3 days per week (those can be half days or full days) 

Full days (8:30-4:30)      

5 days per week:  1150.00   
4 days per week : 900.00  
3 days per week:  750.00  

Half days (8:30-12:30)

5 half days per week: 900.00

4 half days per week: 750.00

3 half days per week: 600.00

Pre-enrollment and Wait-list

Immunization Rates