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Teacher Summer brings a wonderful energy to our school.  She is with us part time and has her own massage practice as well.  Teacher Summer practices yoga and has been teaching the children lots of different yoga moves that the kids love!  Teacher Summer also has been doing a special emotion coaching curriculum with the children. Each week she does a different lesson from the curriculum and they all center around 2 different puppets who teach the kids all about their emotions. She has an amazing talent with voices and has created characters that the kids have come to love.

Teacher Holly earned a degree in Early Childhood Education at PCC.  She has a huge passion for working with young children. She brings a calm and positive climate to the classroom. Some of her teaching passions include the areas of social justice, emotional intelligence and community membership.  She also believes strongly in child capability and the co ownership of their preschool experience. Teacher Holly works full time at Wildflowers and we couldn't be happier that she is part of our community! 

Teacher Summer Valley has a biology degree and has been a teacher for various summer camps and outdoor education programs.  She especially loves to be outdoors working with kids, most recently she worked as a camp counselor with Trackers Earth.  Summer Valley is amazing with the children, she has a kind heart and comforting demeanor.  Summer Valley works part time at Wildflowers and we are very excited to have her as part of our community!  

Preschool Teacher,
Summer Valley Stratton

Teacher Heidi is the owner and lead teacher at Wildflowers Preschool.  She holds a Master's in Environmental Education as well as an elementary teaching license.  She taught 6th grade math and science for a few years before opening Wildflowers Preschool.  Heidi has varied experience working in preschool settings and has taken aspects of Montessori and Reggio Emilia theories to build the foundation of Wildflower's curriculum.  Heidi has a passion for teaching children about the natural world and has been in the field of education for over fourteen years.

Director and Lead Teacher, Heidi Donahue
Preschool Teacher,
Holly Cumings

 A value Wildflowers Preschool strongly believes in is to give children lots of quality experiences in nature. We believe this is one of the key ingredients in helping children to develop physically, emotionally and socially. We keep our teacher to child ratios low, most days we have 3 teachers with a group of about 14-16 students.

Preschool Teacher,
Summer Knight
To learn more about our program please call or email:

Heidi Donahue


Wildflowers Preschool is located in a comfortable craftsman in SE Portland.  We are in the Creston Kenilworth neighborhood near SE Gladstone at 4520 SE Center Street.  

Communication with current families:

Families are important to us and we strive to keep the lines of communication open so we can link children's school life with their home life.  We often have parents volunteer and each year we host an annual holiday show  to help bring the entire community together. Here are some experiences our families share about Wildflowers Preschool. 

"Every day is filled with creative ideas-from Heidi, her teachers, and the children.  My daughter is always talking about what she and her "school friends" learned, found, laughed about, read, made, ETC!"  
- Michell G.

"I love how Heidi structures the day and considers my son's individual needs.  I think he gets great social play, lots of stimulating activities, and plenty of time outside.  It is clear to me that my son is happy at Wildflowers and that makes me feel good when I go to work."  
- Jenny M.

"Our daughter has been going here for a couple of years and we all love the school!  The teachers are wonderful, they work hard to combine various teaching styles to help the children learn about a wide variety of topics.  We can't wait for our next kiddo to be old enough to attend!"  
- Jeff F.

"We searched far and wide for the perfect place for our little guy to go to his first school. I am so very glad that we happened upon Wildflowers Preschool. My son is shy, but very very smart, and Heidi and the gang have really encouraged him to come out of his shell, while making sure that he feels comfortable and supported. Parents are encouraged to be involved in everything that happens, and always get input on major changes to the school, schedule, curriculum, etc. It's a very "community" school, which I love. If you want somewhere your child can learn and grow and feel comfortable and safe doing so, this is a great place!"  
-Angie D.